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Kaya Jones, a former Pussycat Doll, has undergone a remarkable transformation in her musical journey. From the vibrant world of pop to the soul-stirring realm of gospel, Kaya's evolution as an artist reflects her profound commitment to self-discovery and restoration.


Join her on a musical odyssey that transcends genres, as she delivers a message of faith, hope, and love through her heartfelt vocals and inspiring lyrics. Experience the essence of Kaya Jones – a soulful artist whose melodies resonate with the power of redemption and spiritual awakening.

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KayaJones in Israel

Kaya's voice resonates not only through her captivating music but also through her commitment to advocate for positive change. Through thought-provoking discussions and initiatives, she champions principles of community and compassion that go beyond entertainment, delving into the greater depths of charity for the human family.


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Over 7 million plays and counting!

Coming Soon...

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Artists Photos-Kaya Jones, Kevi Morse and Ish Beloso
Featuring Kaya Jones, Kevi Morse and Ish Beloso
Releases March 24, 2024 for 1 MATIC each
Love is the Answer Title Text
Contact for details.

The JACY Project announces the upcoming release of a video NFT collection combining breathtaking space visuals with inspiring vocals and lyrics from gospel artist Kaya Jones. 

The limited-edition NFT is a collaborative effort between retired NASA Senior Executive Geoff Yoder and esteemed video director Ed Paten. The images are set to Jones’ song “Royal,” which she co-wrote with Ish Beloso, lead builder of The Jacy Project. 

Interested parties can learn more at

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Kaya Jones-Profile_2
Kaya Jones-Profile_1

Join Kaya on a journey that lifts boundaries, as she fearlessly addresses societal issues and encourages dialogue around themes of love, healing, and forgiveness. Through her influence, Kaya strives to create a world where unity and empathy prevail, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and minds.

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